Customized Learning Solutions - Your TIME, Your WAY, Your Dime.

About Us

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Why IVY2.0?

IVY2.0 is focused on learning outcomes. We are an online  platform that incorporates educational content, data analytics, learning analytics and integrated assessment to improve student academic performance. 

Our aim is to refocus attention on student needs. We are providing more learning time to our students and customizing learning solutions to meet student's unique needs and learning styles.


Our Tutors and Mentors

There are eight Ivy League institutions in the United States of America. Get mentored by the best. All Mentors on our platform are passionate about the work they do and is a leader in their area of study.   Select a teacher  to help you with Financial accounting or select a teacher for help with the great books, mix and match to satisfy your needs.


Our Community

IVY2.0 is an online community that offers streamlined access to Ivy league mentors/ coaches  for tutoring and mentoring services.  We offer customized learning solutions to meet your schedule, allowing you to take control of your time. It's your time, manage how you learn and what you learn. Our Mentors and Executive Coaches  are here to help you reach your highest potential because learning should inspire you to chase your dreams. 

We also offer workshops to support entrepreneurs and women in business.